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Japan: Verimatrix VCAS for TFC

June 25, 2018

Verimatrix, a specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for network-connected devices and services,has announced delivery and implementation of Verimatrix’s next-generation Video Content Authority System (VCAS) at Tohokushinsha Film Corporation (TFC) to secure its OTT services. The cloud-based deployment includes MultiRights OTT for digital rights management (DRM) as part of VCAS Ultra. The framework is designed to support multi-DRM as well as meet 4K content security requirements.

MultiRights OTT provides server-side support for secure content distribution to mobile and smartphone devices as well as OTT set-top boxes, PCs, HDMI dongles and other CE devices for complete, end-to-end management of revenue security. Because it allows for the inclusion of third-party DRM solutions and client devices under the VCAS umbrella, it supports TFC’s large array of OTT devices, including those with embedded DRM options. Looking toward the future, the selection of VCAS Ultra platform enables TFC to be prepared for 4K content delivery in the future.

“In building its revenue security framework, TFC now has a strong yet flexible foundation that supports multi-DRM for its current OTT services, as well as the greater complexities that will arise with its forthcoming premium delivery models,” said Verimatrix President Steve Oetegenn. “Verimatrix continues to invest heavily in the research and development of our solutions so that software-empowered operators like TFC can rest assured we are reducing complexity and providing them with utmost security benefits in a constantly evolving pay-TV landscape.”

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