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Teleport Media enables HD-quality Round of 16 streaming

July 3, 2018

Just a few lines of code placed on a TV broadcaster’s website over the top of a media player followed by 15 minutes of fine-tuning result in exponential decreases in traffic volumes and significant economies of scale.

Millions of soccer fans watching the group stage and Round of 16 online enjoyed an HD-quality experience thanks to Teleport Media.

End users do not notice the distributed content delivery platform Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming. Instead, they enjoy high quality images and no delays during online streaming. At the same time, the broadcasters, who are Teleport Media’s actual clients, are able to decrease traffic exponentially and noticeably diminish costs on content delivery. All it takes is 15 minutes to adjust and install a few lines of code on top of the media player on the TV channel’s website.

Teleport Media, an expert in distributed internet video-content delivery is enabling online streaming for the biggest sport event in 2018.. Media companies can now avoid latency, breaks and decreased picture quality to ensure flawless HD-quality online streaming of the most riveting football matches by using Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming, a distributed delivery platform. Teleport’s distributed delivery network decreases infrastructure requirements for a server-based content delivery network (CDNs) for content providers by a minimum of 75%.

“Using Teleport Media’s Live Streaming optimizes expenditure on CDN usage; our solution is equal to any CDN in quality and is exponentially more stable during peak loads”, asserts Andrey Klimenko, General Director of Teleport Media.

“We are definitely aiming to enter the global market. The Cup 2018 in Russia provides a great way for us to showcase our potential. This event is astounding stadium audiences and confounding all existing CDN services. Our team began to actively grow our technological capacities several months before the event,” describes Andrey Klimenko, “the main goal behind the implementation of  Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming on the websites of providers was to radically optimize the use of existing resources during online streaming”.

Organizing such enormous broadcasts is very expensive. Teleport Media developed Live Streaming to significantly lower costs for media providers and to expand options for guaranteeing high quality transmission. Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming substantially decreases the dependence of transmissions on the use of CDNs by distributing the load between active users who are watching the broadcasts in real time. The more fans are watching online, the lower the need for CDN traffic, which in turn allows for higher quality and lower costs for delivering media content.

Any TV channel using Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming today has no extra infrastructure expenses. Network growth happens naturally as the number of users increases, since most of the resulting traffic is redirected into a distributed network.

Over 75% of today’s browsers and devices already support the WebRTC protocol. WebRTC enables browsers to communicate with one another and send files to each other without using servers. For instance, WebRTC is currently used by all conference call services, as well as telephony and webinar platforms. Teleport Media’s Live Streaming also uses WebRTC to unite viewers of one video broadcast into a group, whereby the devices of each user receive the media content on demand from the other viewers in the same group.

We are certain that Teleport Media’s technology  will take a strong place in the infrastructure of online broadcasting companies worldwide and will contribute to the robust optimization of resources used for live streaming. This will help achieve unparalleled global reach, improved scale, and higher viewing quality, while drastically reducing the operational costs associated with running a successful online video platform.

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