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Shaw launches Internet 300

July 11, 2018

Shaw Communications has announced the launch of Internet 300, a bold new plan that doubles Shaw’s fastest residential speeds and offers unlimited data — providing customers with the bandwidth they need as they continue to connect more devices in their homes.

“Canadian homes are equipped with more devices today than ever before — we have multiple smartphones, laptops and tablets of all sizes and smart TVs throughout our houses. As our homes continue to become more connected, our customers will need ultra-fast Internet to support this change,” said Jay Mehr, President, Shaw Communications. “Internet 300 leverages Shaw’s robust network to provide virtually all customers in the communities Shaw serves with the speeds they need to connect more devices simultaneously.”

Shaw Internet 300 with unlimited data allows customers to stream, game, make video calls and surf the web on more devices at the same time, without worrying about buffering time and without incurring additional data charges. This means customers can download music and HD movies up to twice as fast, experience exceptional video quality when connecting over Skype or FaceTime, and run high-bandwidth gaming applications simultaneously.

According to a recent study conducted by Cisco, by 2021, North Americans will have 12.9 networked devices per capita and Internet traffic will increase 2.9-fold from 2016 levels1. As the number of devices in the home increases, additional Internet bandwidth will be required to keep them seamlessly connected without impacting overall in-home network performance. Internet 300 meets these needs today by providing download speeds of up to 300 megabits-per-second throughout 93 per cent of the communities Shaw serves across Western Canada.

Shaw’s enhanced speeds have been made possible through significant network improvements and the implementation of DOCSIS 3.1 technology, which gives Shaw the ability to deliver its fastest speeds immediately, without needing to dig up lawns or wait indefinitely for new fibre lines. Shaw’s network speed was recently highlighted in June by the Netflix ISP Speed Index2, where Shaw was at the top of the Netflix ISP Leaderboard measuring prime time Netflix performance of Canadian Internet service providers.

“The DOCSIS 3.1 standard and our latest Advanced WiFi Modem will provide Shaw with the technology and hardware necessary to continue delivering the speeds that our customers need both now and into the future,” Mr. Mehr said.

Internet 300 is available today for an introductory offer as low as $55 per month for the first six months on a price-guaranteed 2-year ValuePlan. Shaw’s latest Advanced WiFi Modem is included with Internet 300, which supports more devices and ensures a stronger in-home Internet connection.

Shaw Internet 300 also offers customers additional benefits to stay connected at home and on the go, including unlimited data and access to over 100,000 Shaw Go WiFi hotspots.

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