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Amazon: Digital downloads a priority for vacation parents

July 19, 2018

Nearly half of Brits (45 per cent) are more worried about keeping their kids entertained whilst travelling than they are about printing boarding passes, or exchanging foreign currency according to Amazon research.

With this summer predicted to be one of the busiest for travel since records began, following a record-breaking 770,000 flights handled in the UK last summer, the study reveals that we are now a nation of ‘digital packers’. More than a fifth of parents (22 per cent) will start packing for their family holiday and planning to download their digital entertainment over a week before the family embarks.

The research has been commissioned by Amazon Prime Video, in celebration of their prediction that July 20th will be Download Day 2018 – the day UK customers are expected to download the most content to view offline from Prime Video.

The research also reveals that 83 per cent of British parents will always take a tablet on holiday with them for their kids – and the average Brit will spend more than two hours downloading TV shows and films to take with them on holiday.

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