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Virgin customers can track technician

July 19, 2018

Virgin Media customers will soon be able to keep track of exactly when technicians are due to arrive through real-time updates on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

The new service will provide customers with important appointment details, starting with a reminder the day before, and continuing with live updates on the day of the appointment right up until the technician arrives. The service has been designed to reduce uncertainty and improve customer satisfaction.

Initially customers in Liverpool, Guildford and the Cotswolds will have access to the service ahead of a wider rollout in the autumn.

Neil Bartholomew, Executive Director, Consumer Customer Operations at Virgin Media said: “We know that waiting at home for a technician can be frustrating, even more so when you don’t know when they will actually get to you. Customer expectations are always increasing and this powerful new tool will provide clear, simple and transparent information to help our customers plan their day better and make it as easy as possible to get on with their busy lives.”

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