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TV4 launches health & wellness network

July 24, 2018

TV4 Entertainment, a global player in streaming channels, has announced the creation of a new subsidiary: Digital Health Networks. The new venture will operate a portfolio of global streaming channels and an original content studio dedicated to individual mental and physical health and wellness.

Digital Health Networks (DHN) will offer inspirational content, real stories and personal community connections, while providing educational resources for individual conditions. DHN will work with category-specific experts to aggregate, produce and curate authentic video content into easy-to-find, highly focused channel brands.

The first channel, THRIVE Cancer Network, launches this autumn with a video library of more than 1,000 hours designed to inform, inspire and entertain global citizens impacted by cancer. THRIVE will be joined over the next year with channels dedicated to nutrition, stress management, chronic pain, autism, fitness, addiction, diabetes and caregivers. All channels will launch globally as free services, with premium member content tiers.

“Finding quality video to maximize individual well-being is overwhelming,” said Jon Cody, Founder and CEO, TV4 Entertainment. “Disease brings with it chaos. We created Digital Health Networks to offer better choices that help patients, caregivers and survivors cut through the clutter and bring clarity in chaos.”

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