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WorldDAB Aftermarket Devices Working Group

July 26, 2018

WorldDAB has created a new Working Group, focused on the performance and user experience of aftermarket devices for DAB+ in the car. The Aftermarket Devices Working Group (ADWG) brings together broadcasters, device and antenna manufacturers, plus experts from the automotive industry, in an important collaboration for digital radio in the car.

The chairman of the group is Jørn Jensen, a Senior Advisor at NRK who was closely involved in helping Norwegian drivers convert to digital in the recent digital switchover.

“The aftermarket sector has seen a significant increase in demand over the last few years, with more drivers looking to bring the extra choice and better quality of DAB+ into their cars,” said Jensen. “This group has been established to bring together all of the players from the value chain to ensure that drivers get the best possible digital radio experience. This group is focusing on key areas including technology development and innovation, better performance, best case marketing initiatives and installation programmes and training. I would encourage any interested parties to get in touch with the Project Office to find out more about the work or join the team in this Working Group.”

The Aftermarket Devices Working Group was set up to work on improving performance, antennas, guidance on installation, marketing and all other areas to ensure aftermarket devices give the driver the best digital radio listening experience.

In advanced markets the majority of new cars are now sold with DAB+ as standard, with Norway leading the way with 98%, the UK close behind on 92 per cent and Switzerland on 85 per cent. As more countries roll out digital radio, attention is focused on converting the millions of cars already on the road to DAB+, enabling drivers to continue listening to digital radio across borders.

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