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VeEX announces eCPRI testing solution for the 5G mobile fronthaul

August 6, 2018

VeEX, a global layer in innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks, has announced the addition of an eCPRI test software to the RXT-6200 and RXT-6000e modules for the popular RXT-1200 platform. For this feature VeEX has collaborated with Tier 1 network equipment manufacturers in Asia. The RXT-6200 eCPRI portable test solution was recently featured at the 2018 OptiNet China Conference’s Next Generation Optical Transport Network Forum (NGOF) and at China Telecom Lab’s 25G BiDi interop demonstration.

As 5G fronthaul networks need to handle very strict and demanding bandwidth and latency requirements, VeEX’s solution validates that these requirements can be met by 5G fronthaul networks, both in the lab and the field. This is based on the RXT platform’s high accuracy measurements and portability.

“VeEX’s collaboration with fronthaul NEMs has ensured that our test solution meets the strict 5G requirements for eCPRI’s lab and field testing. With the precision of its optional built-in chip scale atomic clock and timing-oriented GNSS (GPS) receiver, the RXT platform ensures that latency and jitter are evaluated with nanosecond accuracy,” said Eve Danel, Senior Product Manager at VeEX Inc. “This is vital in ensuring fronthaul network readiness for future 5G commercial deployments.”

The eCPRI function for RXT-6200 and RXT-6000e modules support eCPRI standard compliant test traffic at Layer2 and Layer4 (UDP) with up to 32 independent test streams. The dual test port platform allows for independent and simultaneous measurements.

The RXT-6200 and RXT-6000e modules for the RXT-1200 platform offer the most flexible and complete multi-rate testing capabilities for Transport, Core, Metro, Data Center, NEMs and business services testing. Applications include installation, performance verification, maintenance and troubleshooting of emerging technologies, such as OTU4 (112G), 100GE, 50GE, 40GE, 25GE, IEEE 802.3bj RS-FEC, eCPRI and CPRI rate option 1 to 10 (24 Gbps), along with support for lower rates, such as 10/100/1000Base-T/X and legacy SDH/SONET/PDH/DSn links down to 64 kbps. This complete platform truly ensures that no part of the fronthaul, backhaul or core transport network goes untested.

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