Advanced Television launches real-time AI video analysis platform

August 14, 2018

Video optimisation platform has announced the launch of a new product in their suite of video tools aimed at analysing live broadcasts and streams in real time. The company uses AI technology to monitor live stream broadcasts and automatically generate video previews in real time to increase video engagement with consumers and, ultimately, video revenue.

The company’s platform was recently used by the top broadcasters for 2018 World Cup Russia online coverage. During the live stream of the games, the company successfully drove engagement and hundreds of millions of game views by automatically generating teasers and highlights in real time, resulting in a 13 per cent increase of new users to the live stream.

“Our product is the first of its kind that monitors video in real-time and is able to analyse content to provide key moments and promote those moments instantaneously,” said Amit Golan, CEO and Co-Founder of “As video strategy becomes increasingly expensive, it is vital for publishers to focus on optimising their video efficiency. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the response to our platform, and we look forward to expanding our services across our publishing partners’ content verticals.”

The platform is the first on the market to showcase a user-facing technology that increases the number of video views and creates a new video-based revenue stream. The company’s technology is currently deployed in dozens of sports, news and entertainment websites, including some of the most visited sites in the US, and is demonstrating an increase in video profitability up to 37 per cent based on programme size.

“Through our first of its kind deep video analysis and crowdsourcing technology, we automatically discover what pieces of content truly engage users through real time personalised experience,” added Golan. “We can identify and create the most engaging previews to drive user engagement.” has launched several products already including Smart Video Preview, which generates the most effective five-second teasers that increase click-through-rate (CTR) by an average of 300 per cent, and Top Videos, which automatically aggregates top performing video articles and presents internal video recommendations to the end users.

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