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Gracenote boost for mobile video analytics

August 16, 2018

Gracenote, a Nielsen company, has announced a new Mobile Video Analytics solution aimed at providing visibility into the quality and performance of the most popular mobile video streaming applications. The performance analytics solution is designed to provide mobile operators, MVPDs, video streaming services and hardware manufacturers a means better to understand how mobile app performance impacts user behaviour and attitudes as well as engagement with their platforms and those of their competitors.

Gracenote’s Mobile Video Analytics provide in-depth insights into how users interact and engage with mobile video streaming services. By reporting key performance metrics by wireless/Internet service provider, content type and more, Gracenote assists with everything from product development and marketing to user performance and pricing. The Mobile Video Analytics Solution focuses on three primary performance categories:

  • Experience: Deep insights into the performance quality of mobile video services that have the biggest effect on a subscriber’s experience and satisfaction, such as video resolution, start-up times and buffering.
  • Engagement: Engagement metrics to understand how, when and where viewers tune-in, average viewing time, as well as payload, stickiness, network access and speed.
  • Attitudes: Reasons mobile users choose to subscribe to or disengage from specific streaming services, including their intention to switch and feedback on pricing.

Gracenote says that armed with these insights, streaming video services can learn how performance impacts engagement on their platforms compared to those of their competitors, allowing them to take appropriate actions if necessary to ensure high usage rates. In the case of low engagement, Gracenote Mobile Video Analytics can leverage passive video tests and survey responses to map user behaviour and identify the cause of disengagement and churn. Gracenote can help wireless providers detect areas of network congestion and determine whether they need to add capacity to improve the user experience.

“Nielsen has been at the forefront of measuring television and digital video content for decades and the new Gracenote Mobile Video Analytics solution extends our market-leadership position in the mobile streaming space,” said Mike Greenawald, Senior Vice President, Connectivity for Gracenote. “In a hotly-contested marketplace for subscribers, it is critical to understand the factors that drive engagement and retention. Gracenote Mobile Video Analytics identifies the key video performance factors that enable our customers to gain a competitive edge and make more informed business decisions.”

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