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Manhattan launches first Freeview PVR

August 21, 2018

UK STB specialists Manhattan has launched its first Freeview PVR. The T2-R offers over 70 subscription-free Freeview channels plus 15 in HD, a 500GB hard drive capable of storing up to 300 hours of programmes, and the ability to pause and rewind live TV.

“Manhattan prides ourselves on creating competitively-priced set-top boxes that punch way above their weight,” said Alex Arbab-Zadeh, Director of Product Development at Manhattan TV. “We’ve made sure that the viewer is firmly at the heart of our thinking and constantly challenged ourselves to design a box that makes finding and recording programmes as simple and as intuitive as possible.”

“For what you’d expect to pay for an entry-level recorder, the T2-R not only delivers all the usual benefits of Freeview HD, it also comes packed with fantastic technology and features such as an 8-day programme guide, a huge hard drive, the capability to pause and rewind live TV, and series linking. What really makes the box stand out from the crowd is just how slick and satisfying it is to use. Viewers will love the intuitive programme guide, the outstanding design of the box itself and its speed and ease of use. We’re proud to have created a Freeview recorder of this standard with an RRP of less than £120. We believe the viewer experience is very much on a par with and often surpasses high-end set-top boxes and pay TV boxes,” concluded Arbab-Zadeh.

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