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Japan: Over 15% watch movies via SVoD

August 28, 2018

A survey by Jiji Press shows that 15.7 per cent of people in Japan subscribe to online video streaming services in order to watch movies.

Since the Netflix and Amazon Japan KK launched their streaming services in Japan in September 2015, competition has become increasingly fierce.

Among subscribers, those in their 30s made up the largest age group with 25.1 per cent, followed by people in their 40s with 23.1 per cent and those aged 18-29 with 21.6 per cent, the survey found. The rate stood at 4.2 per cent among people aged 70 or older.

The interview-based opinion poll, conducted on Aug. 3-6, covered 1,991 people aged 18 and above across the country except for part of Hiroshima Prefecture, which was affected by torrential rains last month. Of those approached, 61.8 per cent gave valid answers.

Asked separately about using rental DVD shops to watch movies, 60 per cent of respondents said they do not use such stores at all.

Only 1.6 per cent use rental DVD shops once a week and 0.6 per cent twice or more a week.

The survey also found a slight increase in people shunning movie theatres. It showed that 47.9 per cent of respondents do not go to the movies at all, up from 47.5 per cent in the previous survey that was conducted in 2009.

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