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Fault! Prime draws fire for US Open coverage

August 29, 2018

Amazon Prime has been deluged with so many complaints about its coverage of the US Open that it has stopped viewers from posting any more bad reviews.

Amazon’s $40 million five-year deal to broadcast the US Open to the UK – its first exclusive broadcast of a sports event – was meant to showcase its streaming prowess and prove it can match traditional broadcasters and become a credible home for live sport.

However, the online giant has been inundated with complaints about a host of problems including the picture and sound quality of its streaming service and an inability to record or rewind matches.

“There is no replay option, no ability to record [and] the picture quality is very poor,” commented one unhappy fan. “It’s like going back in time 25 years.”

Others urged Amazon to “give tennis back to Sky and Eurosport”, which both used to broadcast the US Open in the UK before Amazon snapped up the exclusive rights, reports The Guardian.

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