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DT’s EntertainTV goes OTT; tests smart speaker

August 31, 2018

Deutsche Telekom says it is “revolutionising Germany’s TV market” by making its EntertainTV service available as an OTT package this autumn for TV viewers to enjoy even if they are with another broadband provider.

Users will be able to access the EntertainTV OTT package via iOS and Android apps, with all the usual content, including exclusive EntertainTV series. The Timeshift, Restart and Replay functions, however, will remain reserved for the classic EntertainTV package. Price details for the offer will be released in October.

Michael Hagspihl, Head of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland, commented: “Our strategy of pooling content on one platform is paying off, as the growing customer numbers and positive response from users show. That’s why we’ve decided to open up EntertainTV to new target groups. A flexible OTT service is perfect for the trends that are driving a whole new TV generation. We can now give even more people the opportunity to access our platform and our exclusive content.”

Meanwhile, DT has announced a test with 1,000 customers of its new smart speaker and digital assistant software. The smart speaker, designed to serve as a hub to connect with Telekom’s smart home, TV and other online services, was debuted at the IFA show and DT has asked customers to apply to participate in the pilot. Customers will receive the speaker free for the test, during which the company wants to gather more feedback to refine the voice-controlled digital assistant.

The speaker is activated with the command ‘Hallo Magenta’ and can provide a range of functions, from playing music to controlling the TV box and smart home systems. It also supports hands-free calls when connecting to a DT phone. DT has also integrated the Amazon Alexa digital assistant with its device, so users can opt for that system rather than DT’s software.

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