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Demand for ‘super-large’ TVs to quadruple

September 3, 2018

By Chris Forrester

An analysis of data from market research company IHS says that demand for large TV displays is “burgeoning” and annual shipments of 60” and larger displays will quadruple over the next 10 few years.

Last year, says IHS the market shipped some 19 million 60”+ panels. By 2025 this is forecast to grow to 54 million panels in their LCD and OLED forms. Some 20 million panels will be produced this year.

As a result the panel manufacturers are investing in new fabrication lines, with improved productivity. “This will, in result, cut production costs and supply prices that will be translated into a drop in TV prices,” says IHS Markit’s analyst Ricky Park.

He adds that the rise in capacity will intensify competition in the market, which will further cause a drop in TV set prices and help boost ultra-large TV set demand.

A Chinese panel-maker (BOE) enjoyed a 24 per cent market share in July 2018, followed by LG with a 19 percent share.

The enthusiasm for today’s 4K and tomorrow’s 8K displays will only help improve picture quality for viewers. “The ultra-large TV set market’s expansion will eventually help the panel industry digest fast-rising capacity and play a vital role in offsetting the fall in panel prices that could eat away overall revenue in the entire panel market,” says Park.

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