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STN looking to the future with Crystal clarity

September 4, 2018

STN, the Satellite Telecommunications Network, has implemented the Crystal Control NMS (Network Management System) to monitor and control all devices across its network.

As a global provider of Broadcast, Media and Data delivery solutions, STN was looking for a robust multi-process architecture control system to enable it to better manage the entire network. Entrusted with client content from hundreds of channels spanning the globe as well as critical data delivery, it was imperative that the system be built for mission critical environments.

As well as monitoring broadcast video, the Crystal NMS controls and monitors devices that are used beyond the traditional broadcast and data delivery projects; including the HVAC’s (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning), power supplies, temperature and airflow sensors in each rack, complete fibre and IP architecture, spectrums, networks and transport stream analysers and other devices, in order to rapidly resolve any potential problems. This gives STN a clear and clean view of all operations and signal flow, thereby minimizing any risk of errors or downtime.

With a unified GUI (Graphical user interface) operators can auto-route and configure every single device that is part of the delivery path, regardless of the method of delivery. Crystal NMS is also intuitive to use, making it easy for operating staff to familiarise themselves with the system. Through automated routine execution, the Crystal Control NMS enables rapid failure recovery and geographic diversity switching, which dramatically increases network resiliency and reliability.

“Innovation and advancement in technologies gives way to enhanced service (re)solution possibilities. At STN our clients and their content are paramount; hence we required an intelligent monitoring system that would allow us to not only to detect but predict any threats before they become reality. Complete monitoring and control of virtually all equipment used at STN, intelligent switching and notifications, performance analysis, uplink power control and logging are additional features which are indispensable for STN engineers and operators. That is why for us the Crystal NMS system was the clear choice,” commented Tomaž Lovšin – CTO, STN.

Roger Franklin, CEO, Crystal, added: “As a global provider of Broadcast, Media and Data delivery solutions, STN is growing from strength to strength, year on year. It has always held its tradition to deliver high quality service solutions that go beyond expectations, which includes investing in the latest innovation to ensure it retains the highest possible quality at all times. We are extremely proud to be delivering Crystal Control NMS to help STN maintain that quality at all times and ensure operators are alerted to any potential anomalies before they become a problem.”

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