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ALi introduces next-gen, CAS-ready value SoC to echo the rapid growth in India

September 6, 2018

ALi Corporation, a Set-Top Box (STB) chipset provider, proudly announced that the company will launch its next-generation value SoC to echo the SD-to-HD transition in India region. The new platform, known as “F8” family (M3711C), indicates ALi’s commitment and dedication to offering operators, mainly cable sectors, the advanced security, high performance and cost-effective solutions to deeply penetrate the market of India.

ALi’s recently introduced F8 family SoC (M3711C) offers world-class performance and cost-effectiveness for TV operators, especially oriented towards cable TV sectors in India market. The new solution meets the security compliance with international 1st tier CAS (Conditional Access System) vendors for Pay TV requirements. This next-generation value SoC reserves sufficient capability to compare with satellite and terrestrial demodulator for mainstream operators in global market

“The new F8, named M3711C, is optimized for performance while offering cost-effectiveness for operators to provide entry-level solutions to their customers”, said Daniel Huang, CEO of ALi Corporation. “For Pay TV services, the new F8 platform from ALi offers security and compliance with mainstream CAS. In fact, there is a widespread ongoing implementation and deployment in our targeted market. We anticipate large-scale market deployment of F8 (M3711C) in Q4, 2018.”

“This latest innovation shows our determination to deeply penetrate the market of India and establish a strong foothold. In fact, we expect the widespread of our F8 around 2018 and 2019”, added Daniel Huang, CEO of ALi Corporation.

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