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Ultra HD Forum: “2018 the year of live HDR TV”

September 7, 2018

The Ultra HD Forum has declared 2018 as being the year of live HDR TV.

Speaking ahead of their IBC Masterclass, Forum president Thierry Fautier said: “After a few small-scale tests in 2017, this year will go down as the year of live HDR with the Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup content widely available. We also saw some of the first major HFR tests with the EBU producing the European track and field championship last month. I’m also excited to welcome UHD-pioneer BBC as one of the Forum’s latest members.”

Next Gen Audio trials have also continued in 2018, for example during European track and field championship last month and the French Tennis Open.

All of the Forum’s “Phase B” technologies are now either being deployed or actively trialed which the Forum says shows that its Guidelines are accurately reflecting the industry’s Ultra HD transition.

Formed in 2015, the Ultra HD Forum is aglobal organisation promoting market adoption of Ultra HD by defining industry best practices for the phased introduction of technologies facilitating the next-generation television experience.

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