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Vewd Atom brings OTT to legacy STBs

September 7, 2018

Vewd, the smart TV OTT software provider, has announced Vewd Atom, a breakthrough OTT solution that seamlessly brings today’s most important apps and streaming experiences to operator devices previously incapable of accessing OTT services.

Pay TV operators face an escalating need to tackle churn as their subscribers embrace a range of new streaming options to satisfy their OTT needs. To combat this, operators have considered expensive set-top box upgrades with significant CapEx impact. Vewd Atom introduces a fresh approach to solving this problem while delivering substantial business benefits to operators, including:

  • Significant CapEx reductions. Vewd Atom’s novel and lightweight approach to bring OTT to legacy devices extends the life and functionality of an operator’s existing hardware.
  • New revenue streams. Vewd Atom enables new monetization opportunities such as casual gaming, expanded video-on-demand and advanced advertising.
  • The OTT apps users demand. Operators can offer a modern experience, complete with premium VOD, key regional OTT apps and the operator’s own apps, such as catch-up TV, available in a consistent, operator-branded user interface.

“Vewd Atom is the antidote to cord-cutting,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO, Vewd. “It offers all of the modern features potential cord-cutters actively seek while reducing the technical burden on operators. Not only can we help reduce churn, but strengthen the value of pay TV by adding OTT services to hundreds of millions of devices already in the field. This creates the perfect win-win scenario for operators to continue to grow their business.”

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