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Vodafone Spain adds Google Home voice assistant

September 7, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Vodafone Spain has added Google Home voice assistant to its pay-TV platform allowing users to control their TV preferences with it, as well as other devices at home. The new service will be integrated into V-Home and be available on all convergent packages on Vodafone One along with Google Home Mini.

The virtual assistant will be able to recognise up to six different voices allowing them to change the TV channel, switch on/off the lights, play music and regulate the temperature, among other things.

Google Home Mini will be for free for subscribers to Vodafone One L and for €1 a month in the other packages (the normal price is €2). Google Home for €3 a month with Vodafone One L and €4 with the rest. The cost for the equipment is €129 for Google Home Mini and €49 for Google Home.

With the launch of this voice assistant, Vodafone aims to compete with Movistar’ Aura.

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