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Vizio pop-ups may invite viewers to sue them

September 11, 2018

Owners of Vizio Smart TVs could soon see a message inviting them to take legal action against the maker.

Vizio, one of the leading TV brands in the US, was caught gathering large amounts of user data in 2015, which was then passed on to advertisers. It settled with the US trade regulator for $2.2 million, but still faces a class action lawsuit involving potentially millions of customers.

The company could now be forced to inform potentially affected owners directly – via a pop-up message on-screen – reports the BBC.

The pop0up would tell the customer about the legal action, and how to find out if they can be involved. If the lawsuit is successful, customers could receive a portion of the damages won. Only affected customers in the US are eligible to join the lawsuit.

According to US law, notices about class action lawsuits have to be delivered in the most effective way that is “practicable under the circumstances, including individual notice to all members who can be identified through reasonable effort”.

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