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Phenix sub 0.5s latency video with Ex Machina Group

September 12, 2018

Phenix, a provider of global end-to-end real-time video solutions allowing for high-quality, synchronous viewing at broadcast scale with less than a half-second of latency, has announced its partnership with Ex Machina Group, developers of innovative, interactive multiscreen solutions for brands, media, and e-commerce companies around the world.

The partnership allows Ex Machina Group through the utilisation of Phenix’s real-time streaming technologies, to develop live trivia games which are broadcast to tens of thousands of devices simultaneously with a sub 0.5s latency. This new style of app requires real-time content delivery, as well as synchronous and stable delivery of streams to all devices to be a success.

Ex Machina Group’s trivia game shows, like the Spanish app Q12 Trivia, are broadcast with a live host and interactive quick-fire multiple choice question and answer rounds. The nature of the app’s gameplay requires real-time delivery across tens of thousands of devices to provide and maintain an engaging and quick paced customer experience.

Dr Stefan Birrer, co-founder & CEO of Phenix added: “The success of HQ Trivia has shown that consumers are hungry for interactive mass gaming experiences. For any apps of this type to succeed, the users need to be a part of the action, and a 30 second latency would ruin the experience. Real-time streaming at scale is necessary, which is an area we excel in. The benefits of real-time streaming can be felt not only by trivia game apps, but anyone looking to stream content with some form of interaction.”

“In the short amount of time we have been working with Ex Machina Group on Q12 Trivia we are already supporting 30,000 concurrent users playing the game, growing at 10% per day. The combination of Ex Machina’s platform and our real-time streaming infrastructure is a clear winner with consumers.”

Jeroen Elfferich, co-founder & CEO of Ex Machina Group added: “We are always looking for new ways for consumers to interact with live content – on any screen. Being able to utilise genuine real-time streaming has allowed us to truly unify video and interactivity on mobile for the first time. The uptake we have seen with Q12 has exceeded expectations and working with Phenix allows us to create and deploy new genres of interactive content around the world.”

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