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Three, Netgem TV bring Freeview Play to UK customers

September 12, 2018

Three UK and Netgem TV have started their​ first customer facing disruptive entertainment proposition, exclusive for Three mobile customers​ and available via the ultra popular “Wuntu” loyalty app. This marks the expansion of Netgem TV beyond the successful EETV within large mobile-centric operators, whilst Netgem TV distribution has now also been confirmed with several fixed operators in the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) area predominantly.

Three customers get an exclusive deal on Netgem’s NetBox HD, packed with award winning technology, the best Freeview Play experience out there, Amazon Prime Video and many more OTT services, WiFi AC, full Alexa integration and much more.. Three customers can get NetBox HD for £19 only upfront and £5 a month for 6 months after.

This disruptive proposition was ​designed by Netgem with Three to address UK modern consumer needs​: – TV is a great ​loyalty booster​ whether bundled with connectivity or any subscription, so the Wuntu loyalty program was the best place to star the offer – Great TV doesn’t have to come with hefty monthly bills: the ​UK is ready for “skinny bundles”​ with a low entry cost and general “pay as you go” approach to premium content, on top of the great free on-demand TV offered through Freeview Play – Consumers ​do not systematically want to renew their TV sets ​to enjoy great TV content

Price-wise it is also the first time an operator offers a TV service without hard bundling it to their services but rather in indirect distribution mode with Three.

The customer still gets the best value and the payment facility ​as in traditional TV bundles as Netgem has developed a full Amazon Pay integration to offer fast and secure monthly payments – a first for technology devices

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