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Nokia, France Télévisions 5G 8K showcase

September 13, 2018

Colin Mann @ IBC

Communications technologist Nokia and France Télévisions, the French National Public TV broadcaster, are to showcase the results of a proof-of-concept demonstration of what the pair say is the world’s first 8K Ultra High Definition TV streaming in real conditions over 5G at IBC 2018.

Nokia and France Télévisions’ ‘Innovation and Prospective department’ conducted the tests by transmitting a programme recorded in 8K over a 5G wireless network at the Nokia Paris-Saclay Campus in France in July 2018. The 5G network leveraged the Nokia AirScale radio access and AirFrame data centre solution with the Velocix Content Delivery Network, which enables the delivery of high-volumes of video traffic in a cost-effective way, for an enhanced live or on-demand video experience.

Bell Labs Consulting forecasts that, by 2025, video content will comprise approximately 70 per cent of all mobile traffic. The Nokia and France Télévisions demonstration showed the ability of 5G to offer a speed equivalent to fibre, with unmatched quality of service to support the future broadcast of 8K content on any compatible device, including 8K televisions.

At IBC 2018, Nokia and France Télévisions will present the tests and discuss the findings. Nokia will also demonstrate the new service opportunities that 5G will open up for the media industry beyond pure connectivity. As an example, the company will show how 5G will allow TV editorial staff to offer flexible and ultra high-quality live television transmission to field reporters without the need for costly broadcasting trucks.

“The growth in the use of digital devices and the incredible quality increase of equipment are contributing to the increased consumption of our media content,” noted Bernard Fontaine, Head of Technical Innovations at France Télévisions. “This evolution will require a rethinking of the value chain of actors and technologies that contribute to the future needs of wireless transmission modes. Whether usage targets fixed TV or mobile devices, 5G will be part of the process of convergence and transformation of future technical, regulatory and economic models to ensure a very high level of quality in TV services, including public service ones, over the long term. Our demo with Nokia clearly shows that we are ready for the changes that will sweep our industry with the advent of 5G in the next decade.”

“5G is coming faster than anyone anticipated and we are ready for it,” declared Marc Rouanne, president of Mobile Networks at Nokia. “5G will create new opportunities beyond pure connectivity. Nokia is delivering an end-to-end 5G Future X solution that will provide the flexibility, capacity, speeds and latency for TV broadcasters and telecom operators to support ultra-high quality live reporting and 8K high definition content delivered to consumers’ mobile devices and televisions.”

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