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YouTube nursery rhyme channel sells for “millions”

September 14, 2018

Little Baby Bum, a hugely popular YouTube channel that has racked up over 17.5 billion views since launching in 2011 has been sold. The channel was founded by a UK-based couple in 2011 and features animated videos soundtracked by popular nursery rhymes.

Little Baby Bum has been bought by a firm called Moonbug for an yet undisclosed sum, but  industry-watchers believe the agency will likely have paid several million pounds for the YouTube channel.

Co-founder Derek Holder confirmed to the BBC that the sale had taken place but he declined to comment on the sum offered by the buyer.

“We were looking to take the brand to the next level,” he said. “We saw who the team were behind Moonbug and what their plans would be, which would be to keep the core the same, but… make episodes for TV around the world.”

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