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Open Broadcast Systems, Nemeton TV deliver Gaelic Sport

September 20, 2018

Open Broadcast Systems has delivered a decoder to handle four simultaneous satellite feeds for Nemeton TV. The Irish production company is using the decoder to decrypt and decode satellite feeds from Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) sporting matches held across the country. National League changes means that as many as three matches could be played simultaneously in different locations, meaning the production company required a way to handle an extra four feeds simultaneously.

The feeds are received via satellite, decrypted and decoded, then converted for IP delivery to the GAA’s website and social channels, as well as being delivered for a Monday evening highlights programme on TG4, the Irish language channel.

Fiachna Mac Murchú, Technical Systems Manager, Nemeton TV, commented: “Adding in four extra channels would normally have meant purchasing four separate boxes for each one. This solution, whilst being extremely reliable, is much more cost efficient, as well as taking up much less of the valuable space in our production studio.”

Kieran Kunhya, Managing Director, Open Broadcast Systems, added: “Satellite technology remains a key way for production companies and broadcasters to gather feeds from the field. However, it can be challenging to convert these quickly and easily for delivering via IP. Putting all of those processes together in one piece of equipment has really streamlined the workflow for Nemeton TV, enabling it to easily extend its coverage to simultaneous matches.”

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