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Premier Media trusts Mediaproxy LogServer for compliance logging and monitoring

September 20, 2018

Mediaproxy, a provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, has announced that Premier Media has implemented Mediaproxy’s LogServer compliance logging and monitoring platform to produce detailed reports on the quality and performance of three SDI-based channels.

Owned by Premier Media, Premier Sports 1 and Premier Sports 2 are available through subscription in over 16 million UK homes via the Sky and Virgin platforms as well as through its online Premier Player. It airs premium sports content including PRO14 Rugby, Ice Hockey, Rugby League, Motorsports, GAA, MMA and Football action from around the world. Sister channel FreeSports launched in August 2017 and is a free-to-air channel dedicated to bringing live sport across all major platforms to the UK public. FreeSports aims to be majority live with over 1000 events a year including MMA, Kickboxing, tennis, basketball, boxing and cricket.

The Mediaproxy LogServer system is being used to log and monitor the output of three services for compliance to broadcast regulation. Recorded material and accompanying metadata can be compared to As-run logs to provide quick validation of commercials for advertisers. The LogServer is able to seamlessly record multiple channels concurrently, which are then reviewed and monitored live. The platform monitors video, audio and real-time data from a variety of sources used in broadcasting today, including 4k, IP, SDI, SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110, HLS, RTMP and radio sources.

Media is accessed using Mediaproxy’s leading edge HTML5 interfaces, with controls that enable clips to be exported and transcoded, in addition to searching metadata. The system is capable of uploading clips to social media directly from the LogPlayer interface, working over either multiple distributed systems, local networks or WANs (wide area networks).

A key feature of LogServer is its ability to be virtualized without compromising quality or integrity. This means it can be fully integrated with third-party cloud platforms, as well as working with established broadcast workflows. LogServer’s flexible software interfaces enable it to be customized easily and quickly according to the user’s requirements. As part of AIMS (Alliance for IP Media Solutions), Mediaproxy has been involved in the development of next generation IP broadcast technologies.

Commenting on Premier Media’s implementation of LogServer, Mediaproxy CEO, Erik Otto said, “We are pleased to be working with such a high-profile broadcast service provider. Sports TV is a fast-moving and precise area and broadcasters such as Premier Media need to know that what they are sending to their customers is of the highest quality. LogServer is able to provide their clients and regulators with highly accurate and detailed reports and we are happy to do this for Premier Media.”

Director of Transmission & Operations for Setanta Transmissions Ltd, Mark Pilkington, commented, “LogServer gives us the comprehensive modern toolset we need to monitor high profile channels simultaneously and comply with the latest broadcast standards. Mediaproxy is a recognized leader in compliance, monitoring and analysis so we are confident that our services are in good hands.”

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