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StudioCanal presents Rambo trilogy in a brand new 4K restoration

September 27, 2018

StudioCanal has announced brand new 4K restorations of the Rambo trilogy in a never seen quality thanks to extensive restoration and 4K scanning from the original film negatives. With his role in the iconic Rambo movie series Sylvester Stallone made history as merciless war machine John Rambo and became a cult figure of a whole generation. Perfect to get in mood for the upcoming fifth installment of the series and a must-have for every Rambo fan and film collector.

The restorations of First Blood, First Blood: Part II and Rambo 3 were made from the original camera negatives, which were scanned in 4K resolution 16bit in Technicolor Hollywood. Then the full restoration was done at Eclair in Paris, through an end-to-end 4K 16 bits workflow. Grading was done respectively for theatrical, HDR Dolby Vision and classic TV SDR on the basis of unclipped and uncompressed sources.

No automatic filtering was used, the teams restored the film frame by frame, in a workflow that guarantees to keep in the restored version all the dynamics available from the film negative, in the respect of the artistic choices of the original production.

Using this very high-level workflow, corresponding to a 2018 blockbuster post-production, applied by one of the most experienced restoration labs in the world, guarantees an amazing new release of the RAMBO TRILOGY. Fans will rediscover these monuments thanks to the very detailed and great contrast we can now experience in UHD HDR.

STUDIOCANAL will release Rambo I – III on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD with new artworks by german designer Adrian Keindorf as well as a limited Blu-ray SteelBook Edition with brand new designs by Jan Feindt. All versions come with extensive and partly brand-new bonus material, including a new featurette, interviews …

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