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Sky partners with Common Sense for parental ratings

October 1, 2018

Sky is partnering with Common Sense Media to introduce a detailed rating system that will help parents make informed choices about what their children watch on Sky. The new service will launch in the UK in 2019.

Since its founding in 2003, Common Sense has built a library of independent age-based reviews for everything kids want to watch, play, read and learn. The service, which will be available on Sky Q, will include in-depth information on the prevalence of specific types of content. This includes the educational value of the show, positive messages, use of positive role models, bad language, violence, sex and drink and drugs. Each is rated on a scale of one to five depending on how applicable it is to each show.

Jeremy Darroch, Group Chief Executive, Sky, said: “As a parent I know how reassuring it is that the Sky platform offers a safe, highly-regulated, family-friendly environment – but we know we can always do more.  Our partnership with Common Sense will help give parents greater peace of mind, helping them make smarter viewing choices for their children.”

Sky is committed to ensuring children are safe when watching TV or spending time online. Later this year Sky Kids Safe Mode will launch on Sky Q, helping parents hand pick and ring-fence the content they want their children to watch and password protect any content they feel is unsuitable.

This is in addition to the Sky Kids app which relaunched earlier this year with improved safety controls, Sky Broadband Shield and Sky’s continued investment in Internet Matters, an organisation that provides help and advice for parents navigating the online world.

Darroch added: “We’re proud that our platform is getting even safer for children, but there is a much bigger problem that needs resolving. Social media addiction is damaging our society, and there is more evidence than ever that children are being affected by over-exposure to these platforms and they’re seeing more and more harmful content.”

“Media profoundly affects our children’s social, emotional and physical well-being and now, more than ever, parents need trusted resources to help them find developmentally appropriate content,” said James P Steyner, founder and CEO of Common Sense. “Our goal is to give Sky viewers trustworthy information, so they can decide what works for their child. We know every family and every kid is different, but all families deserve the information to make great media choices.”

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