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India’s TRAI now DCRAI

October 2, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) is renaming itself. It will now be known as the Digital Communications Regulatory Authority of India (DCRAI).

The acronym reflects a new suite of targets and aims set by government. For example, India wants everyone in the nation to be able to access broadband connectivity to at least 50 Mb/s, and to expand that capacity to 1 Gb/s for India’s ‘Gram Panchayats’, which are the cornerstone of a local self-government organisations in India of the Panchayati raj system at the village or small town level.

The aim for DCRAI is to see these goals achieved by 2022, and in the process help create about 4 million new – and well-paid – jobs, and to enhance the importance of India’s digital communications sector by 8 per cent.  The dream is to see India’s raised to membership of the Top 50 digital nations. It is currently at number 134.

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