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Invictus, BitMovio distribution partnership

October 10, 2018

The Invictus Entertainment Group (Invictus Films, Invictus Europa and Avispa Films) has agreed a content distribution partnership with blockchain-enabled video entertainment marketplace BitMovio.

With a hybrid blockchain architecture, BitMovio is designed to provide a transparent marketplace enabling independent film producers and professional streamers to have complete control of their content distribution, flexible and instant monetisation, and engaging audience interaction.

Through this agreement, the Invictus Entertainment Group will create, promote, and distribute its new development and production properties in feature and series formats through BitMovio’s platform. This will create an ongoing, original content ‘studio’ available through BitMovio, utilising blockchain technology and universal market access in the direct creation, funding, production, and exhibition of IEG through the Intellectual Property and literary holdings of its principals, film and television creators, Alexander Emmert and Cfa Weiss.

“As creators of high quality content in the international marketplace, we have first-hand experience in the slow-moving traditional distribution platform space, and the seemingly inevitable slide towards commercialisation within the newer ones,” claimed Alexander Emmert, CEO of Invictus Entertainment Group. “The mission and vision of BitMovio’s endeavour is refreshing to see in this industry, and we’re looking forward to seeing how our partnership together will grow as we bring dynamic, eclectic content to a global audience through BitMovio’s marketplace.”

“The distribution challenges that Invictus Entertainment Group has faced in the video entertainment industry are a prime example of the issues that we’ve set out to solve with blockchain-enabled technology and a more transparent, connected marketplace between creator and consumer,” added Simon Zhu, Co-founder and CEO of BitMovio. “We are pleased to be working with the team to see how we can build a more effective community-run marketplace and change the distribution paradigm for their business.”

Currently in beta, BitMovio is building a decentralised video streaming marketplace that leverages blockchain’s built-in incentives for peer-to-peer bandwidth sharing that drastically reduces streaming costs and enhances the viewer experience at the edge of the network.


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