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TVSquared ADeffect unlocks TV’s longer-term impact

October 17, 2018

The impact of TV spots extends far beyond the minutes and hours after they air. In fact, the longer-term effect of a TV campaign is often 2x-5x higher than the initial response. TVSquared ADeffect provides advertisers with an instant view of TV’s extended impact.

TVSquared’s ADvantage platform will now include ADeffect, which models the longer-term effect of TV, measuring its impact in the weeks and months following ad airings.

Understanding only the initial impact of TV leaves a significant piece of the pie unmeasured. By incorporating ADeffect’s longer-term analytics, advertisers get a more complete view of TV’s value, helping them measure the impact of strategy changes, justify future investments and analyse performance across markets and marketing channels.

Calum Smeaton, CEO and Co-Founder, TVSquared: “Traditionally, advertisers had to build and maintain time-intensive, expensive models to understand the true ROI of TV. We designed ADeffect to eliminate this reliance altogether. Taking into account Adstock and seasonality, ADeffect models the indirect, extended impact of advertising. Marketers now have an easy, fast way to get the results they need, when they need them – not months after the fact.”

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