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Vodafone complains over Movistar fibre fees

October 18, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The dominant position of Movistar in Spain’s fibre market is again under fire. Vodafone Spain has filed a complaint before the regulatory body CNMC against Movistar on the grounds that it is using its dominant position in the market to the benefit of its newly-launched O2 brand.

Movistar’s O2 is distributing its convergent offer at two different prices in the market: €45 a month in the 66 “competitive” cities where its rivals are already operating; and at €58 in those cities with no competition. These cities are regulated by the CNMC, which obliges Movistar to open up its fibre networks to third parties at a certain rate. In the latter territories, Movistar has committed to compensating subscribers with up to €220 a year, a move fiercely criticised by Vodafone.

Earlier this year Vodafone filed two other complaints against Movistar over its football promotions accusing it of “abusive dominant position” in the pay-TV football market.

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