Advanced Television Connected TV advertising solution

October 23, 2018

Programmatic advertising platform has unveiled what it says is a significant enhancement of its advanced TV capabilities, including nationwide addressable targeting, intent-based behavioural targeting, and granular demographic targeting for OTT and Connected TV (CTV) inventory.

In addition to launching three methods of audience targeting on OTT/CTV inventory,’s solution now also delivers the ability to target inventory at the screen size.

The company says that the new capabilities, coupled with its transparent reporting, provide customers with a powerful and comprehensive solution to deliver advanced TV advertising to highly targeted audiences.

As nearly two-thirds of US households have access to a connected TV device, according to Nielsen figures and the usage of these devices in the OTT/CTV landscape continues to grow rapidly, suggests that it is more important than ever that marketers have a scalable way to target these audiences using both traditional demographic data as well as behavioural and intent-based data commonly used in programmatic advertising.’s OTT/CTV solution now supports three “unique” methods for advertisers to target their key audiences:

  • Addressable – The ability to target OTT and CTV devices at the household level nationwide with unmatched precision and scale. This solution can be used as a standalone or as a complement to other addressable TV offerings to extend reach and frequency.
  • Behavioural – Brings the precision of digital targeting to OTT/CTV with the ability to target users based on intent data such as keywords, context, and other online behaviors.
  • Demographic – Enables advertisers to take advantage of numerous combinations of demographic variables to target the ideal audience.

“Giving advertisers the ability to target their OTT/CTV ads to specific households is a logical extension of our focus on localised programmatic advertising,” said Frost Prioleau, CEO. “We’re excited to broaden our OTT/CTV advertising offerings with behavioural and demographic targeting as well, as we continue to innovate and push the envelope in the addressable programmatic space.”

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