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Singapore: StarHub ushering cable customers to fibre

November 2, 2018

As Singapore continues to rapidly digitalise, StarHub is assisting cable customers to get their homes onto fibre connectivity.

Donovan Kik, Vice President of Segment and Marketing, StarHub, said, “We constantly refresh our service offerings to ensure they are aligned with what our customers desire, including the best possible service standards and more choices on the most modern all-fibre broadband network where they can enjoy faster internet surfing speeds as well as higher quality pay-TV services with better interactivity and smarter features. This way, they would also be well prepared to adopt new, transformative digital services such as in telehealth, asset monitoring and remote learning that will depend on high-speed, low latency communications networks running on fibre.”

StarHub noted it is providing all necessary help for cable customers to move to fibre networks, making available a range of promotional offers, including discounted subscriptions, free wireless router, free Fibre TV set-top box rental, and free additional StarHub TV channels.

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