Advanced Television

Türksat demos 8K

November 2, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Türksat says it is continuing to pave the way with new broadcasting technologies. It is carrying out a 8K (Super High-Vision) test broadcast, which is the current highest level of broadcasting technology, beamed through its Türksat 4B communication satellite located at 50 degrees East orbital location.

The 8K broadcast test was successfully carried out with the cooperation of Türksat, Kızıl Elektronik, Vestel and Socionext.

During the process, the historical and natural beauties of Istanbul were captured with an 8K camera, allowing for spectacular images to be obtained.

Türksat claims it is among the pioneers in the world when it comes to transitioning to 8K broadcasting technology.

“In a time where Ultra HD 8K technology is considered relatively new, with rapid transition in a time period when such technologies have become widespread, it will give domestic companies the opportunity to present the technology in a timely manner to compete with the rest of the world. In addition, products equipped with Ultra HD 8K technology, will possibly contribute to national technological manufacturers, leading to a decrease in imports and an increase in exports,” said Türksat.

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