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Nokia, AT&T, Jaunt team for 5G demo

November 16, 2018

By Colin Mann

On November 18th, Nokia, AT&T and Jaunt will show fans of American Football what they claim is the future of mobile content and immersive experiences with a 5G demonstration and ‘tailgate’ [informal social gathering] before the Atlanta Falcons faceoff against the Dallas Cowboys.

Using 5G connectivity and Jaunt’s volumetric capture technology, fans can show their team spirit by creating an end zone dance that is memorable and shareable. The tailgate event will be happening at International Plaza outside of Gate 2 at Mercedes Benz Stadium from 10am to 12:30pm ET.

The fan experience will use a 5G technology system provided by Nokia and Jaunt’s XR Cast, a volumetric capture and live-streaming technology. This will allow fans to capture their own 3D augmented reality (AR) holograms, view them in real-time and share on social media.

In addition to the live capture stations, the experience will include a viewing area with a miniature football field surface, along with tablets to view the end zone dances happening live in AR. While fans are in the booth dancing, other tailgaters will see their volumetric captures streamed to mobile devices stationed near the miniature football field. Once a dance is captured, the fan can share the content on social media.

“This showcase is the fourth 5G demo we’ve made available to the public this year, as we lead the way in showing consumers and businesses the promise of 5G,” advised Kevin Petersen, Senior Vice President of device and network experiences, AT&T Mobility and Entertainment. “We’re excited to work with Nokia and Jaunt to demonstrate how 5G technology like volumetric video, machine learning and AR can provide enhanced experiences for fans at their favourite sporting venues.”

Nokia is bringing a live 5G mmWave system powered by the Nokia AirScale baseband and radio at the 28 GHz band, connected to the Intel 5G Mobile Trial Platform, at this tailgate event. Combined with Nokia’s AirFrame data centre platform, this provides an elegant 5G solution that can transmit data at gigabit speeds and that will eventually enable ultra-low latency, and includes the necessary hardware, software and services that can adapt to any cloud-based application. Nokia suggests that from immersive and innovative fan experiences at stadiums and concerts to real-time gaming; from virtual reality to volumetric video, 5G is poised to unleash a world of exciting new ways for fans to enjoy their favourite events.

“We’re delighted to be a part of this latest demonstration to give fans a first-hand experience of how consumer entertainment will be enhanced with super-fast download of video in seconds and new augmented reality experiences – all through 5G technology,” added Ricky Corker, Executive Vice President and President of North America, Nokia. “Most recently, Nokia and AT&T collaborated on a 5G technology showcase at RTX 2018 to show how volumetric video over 5G will enable new frontiers in entertainment and gaming.”

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