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Meo forced to reduce DTT distribution prices

November 28, 2018

Portuguese broadcasters will now pay less for the distribution of their TV channels via the national DTT network, following a ruling by the National Communications Authority (Anacom).

The regulating body imposed a 15.16 per cent reduction on DTT network operator Meo in the annual distribution fee paid by broadcasters RTP, SIC and TVI for use of Multiplex A.

Anacom established that the annual fees charged by Meo surpassed those initially foreseen when the operator won the bidding for the DTT network operator (E885.100 per Mbps/year).

The measure also follows many complaints from commercial broadcasters SIC and TVI and confirms the draft decision announced by Anacom in July.

The regulator recalls that the current price decrease was decided after an earlier hearing of the interested parties and a public consultation that took place.

Meo now has 10 working days to notify RTP, SIC and TVI of the new price lists

Anacom has the obligation to annually review the prices charged for DTT distribution.

The Portuguese government should launch a tender for two new national DTT channels (news and sports) at the beginning of 2019.

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