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Trump wants global news rival to take-on CNN

November 28, 2018

US President Donald Trump has Tweeted that the US should start a global TV news rival to CNN – the network he often refers to as “the enemy of the people” as it continues to probe and raise questions on his actions.

His Tweet read: “While CNN doesn’t do great in the United States based on ratings, outside of the US, they have very little competition. Throughout the world, CNN has a powerful voice portraying the United States in an unfair [and] and false way.”

He went on to argue that “Something has to be done” and suggesting that the US itself funds “our own worldwide network to show the way we really are. GREAT!”

The US already funds various TV and radio global networks including the Voice of America, and Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Global Media fund which backs Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia, Radio Sawa and other stations funded under the USA’s International Broadcasting Act, 1994.  It also funds the Middle East Broadcasting Network (MBN, and not to be confused with Saudi Arabia’s Middle East Broadcasting Centre, MBC).

According to BBG’s 2016 data sheet the various BBG funded services had a weekly, unduplicated audience of 226 million in some 100 countries and 61 languages.

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