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Witbe launches QoE Snapshots

November 28, 2018

Witbe, a specialist in Quality of Experience Monitoring, has announced the launch of its QoE Snapshots. In the same way that a consumer report tests a product and publishes an analysis of its overall quality, the Witbe QoE Snapshots tests digital services to make available to the market information on the true Quality of Experience delivered internationally.

The goal of these QoE Snapshots is to provide a global overview of digital services, with multiple configurations and in various environments. The public will thus be able to better understand the technological complexity inherent to today’s services, like the distribution of video content. It is quite a technical feat – considering the efforts and means implemented – to broadcast videos on different devices and networks, with a quality that is acceptable by consumers with high expectations.

Marie-Véronique Lacaze, Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Witbe commented: “We are happy to launch our QoE Snapshots. This comes eighteen years after our initiative in France which led to the creation of the first observatory for the quality of Internet services. By opening its technology, expertise and analytical skills to the market – and with its own means, Witbe aims to help users better understand how digital services work and the efforts and essential arbitrations done by the different actors. This is only the beginning and new QoE Snapshots will be published shortly and on a regular basis. Upcoming QoE Snapshots will focus on the quality of live videos on OTT Set-Top-Boxes, such as the Apple TV, the availability of e-commerce websites, and the quality of videos watched on mobile networks.”

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