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Egyptian media threaten unlicensed channels

December 4, 2018

By Chris Forrester

There is still widespread piracy of TV broadcasts in the MENA region and the transmission of pirated movies as well as channels promoting the sale of unlicensed “medical treatments” and beauty products and so-called healers.

According to Egypt Today, the Chairman of the giant Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) Osama Heikal says that Egypt’s new Media Law issued in July grants those channels a grace period to obtain licenses or they will be shut off.

Some channels are on air saying they can counter ‘evil spells’ and heal people, provided that cash is sent.

Heikal explained that the pirate channels are violate intellectual property rights as they broadcast movies that are still showing in cinemas with the consequential losses to legitimate producers and harming the industry.

He added that Cairo-based Nilesat is transmitting some 650 licensed channels. Some of the other unlicensed channels, despite transmitting from Egypt, are not using Nilesat but the adjacent Eutelsat craft. He also argued that some of these channels are promoting extremist views and terrorism.

Chairman of Nilesat Co. Ahmed Anis, quoted by Egypt Today, said that Eutelsat satellites are located at 7 degrees West. Egyptians with satellite dishes are able to receive Eutelsat’s unlicensed channels from the same dishes.

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