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Football stars launch fan engagement platform

December 4, 2018

By Colin Mann

A number of the world’s leading footballers have teamed up to launch a new platform – OTRO – created to share their stories with their fans, direct and unfiltered, featuring exclusive and original content from the players to show their lives off the pitch.

The full list of players who have joined OTRO are: Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, Isco, Romelu Lukaku, Jerome Boateng, Paulo Dybala, Gabriel Jesus, Lieke Martens, Benjamin Mendy, Dele Alli, David Luiz, Toni Duggan and Eric Cantona, with more top players to be added in the future. Together they represent ten different footballing nations and have a combined social media following approaching one billion.

OTRO provides unprecedented access and an authentic view of these top players that fans can’t get anywhere else. OTRO enables the stars of the modern game to connect with their fans, telling personal stories through short form content and feature length shows, interviews and documentaries that shine a light on their lives away from the pitch.

“Football fans all over the world want a deeper connection with their heroes and this is where OTRO comes in, explained Jeremy Dale, CEO. “Football fans all over the world want a deeper connection with their heroes. Our line-up of players is beyond even my wildest dreams and I know that fans are going to love them coming together to form one club where they share their stories. We’ve specifically designed OTRO to be a community where members and players engage directly. These players are the founding members of OTRO and they are now inviting their fans to join their other club.” 

Fans can join at from launch or download the app from the iOS and Android app stores later in the week. Everyone can become a member of the club and enjoy a selection of content for free. The Unlimited membership is available for a monthly subscription of $3.99 (or equivalent local pricing) and gives members unrestricted access to everything on OTRO.

There are three different types of content on OTRO:


Made by award-winning film makers with the players, these series show the other side of the world’s greatest footballers. With five new episodes posted every week, these are their stories told their way. Fans can watch Neymar Jr and Beckham having their first ever in-depth conversation as they talk about the difference between their footballing experiences. They will also be able to see Romelu Lukaku reveal his ambition to become a manager for the first time.

Modern Game

Modern Game is a landmark moment in football documentaries. For the first time, the world’s best players share their honest appraisal on transfer fees, pressures of international football, struggles during injuries and retirement, as well as friendship, family and their enduring passion for the game. Featuring legends Beckham, Cantona and Zidane as well as modern stars including Neymar Jr, Lukaku and Gabriel Jesus, Modern Game is the chance for players to speak their mind, and nothing is left off the table. In episode one ‘Representing A Nation’ these players discuss their experiences of playing for their national teams.

Six Steps

A compelling and revealing series of portraits of OTRO players conducted over extensive interviews and chats with those closest to them. This charts the six pivotal moments that defined their career and shaped their lives. This includes Luis Suarez on his emotional journey to Barcelona and the role his family plays in inspiring him to greatness. Another episode sees Benjamin Mendy talking for the first time about the very personal reasons that propelled him to Premier League and World Cup glory.


A freestyle stunt show with extraordinary challenges set by the players including Dele Alli, Jerome Boateng and James Rodriguez. Orbital sees three of football’s finest young freestylers, including World No.1 Liv Cooke, travel to London, Munich, Barcelona and Paris to tear up these cities in a series of stunts involving daredevils, drift-racers and skaters. In episode one, see Dele challenge the freestylers on the River Thames in a stunt that combines football and surfing.

Building The Player

This series uses a mix of technology, analysis and experimentation to explore what separates the great players from the good.  Building The Player reveals and breaks down the data that shows why Leo Messi, Luis Suarez, Neymar Jr, James Rodriguez, Romelu Lukaku and Dele Alli rise above their peers. In episode one, the team studies five-times Ballon d’Or winner, Leo Messi.

By The Fans

Made almost entirely from fan footage, By The Fans follows supporters of semi-finalists France, Croatia, Belgium and England on the final stages through this year’s World Cup finals. The series delivers an emotional punch as it chronicles the highs and lows of fans during a rollercoaster summer of football. Episode one looks at England and the Three Lions’ memorable journey to the Semi-Finals.


With more than ten new episodes every week, this content shows the person behind the player – their passions, their culture and their lives. In some of the early episodes, fans get the inside track on Romelu Lukaku as he discusses his love of rap music and can also follow David Beckham taking a motorbike trip with friends in California.


Posted each week, these are bite-sized videos filmed by the players themselves that reveal their lives behind the scenes and where broadcasters can’t go. They reveal the lifestyles and personalities of today’s football superstar in surprising and humorous ways. See Gabriel Jesus’s reaction as his mother celebrates wildly after she defeats him playing pool.

Sixty-five episodes of OTRO programming will be available to members at launch. New content will be released each week enabling members to enjoy new stories every day. A selection of OTRO programming, including both short and feature length content, will be made available without charge for all members.

In addition to the original and exclusive content, OTRO features partnerships with OPTA, IMG and GETTY IMAGES to give fans access to stats, facts, photography and clips from their favourite players on and off the pitch.

OTRO launched globally on December 3rd and is available in eight languages.


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