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LuminousX transforms publishers into content platforms

December 6, 2018

AI-driven video content data specialist AnyClip has launched LuminousX, which it claims is the first end-to-end contextual video content, engagement, and monetisation solution. LuminousX enables publishers to face the large technology platforms by enriching any website with an interactive feed of endless ultra-premium and automatically-matched editorial content.

“While users are consuming more content, it is mostly happening within centralised content hubs such as Facebook, Google, and Apple News,” said Gil Becker, President & CEO of AnyClip. “Users turn to these platforms to get a more comprehensive view of the topics they care about. We’re changing that by bringing together a large and diverse premium video content library with a unique AI and data-driven layer that create an endless contextual video feed. We truly believe that LuminousX is reinventing context and redefining user engagement.”

LuminousX transforms any individual web page into an interactive content platform. It draws from millions of clips aggregated from more than 80 of the world’s top editorial content producers, with thousands of clips automatically analysed, categorised, and added to the library every day. Once a user shows intent by reading a specific article, the platform analyses and enriches the page with an automatic feed of the videos that perfectly match the content. LuminousX then identifies and visualises the main people, topics, and brands while a video is playing, and allows users to click, engage, and discover an endless feed of relevant clips. By giving users all of the content they want in one place, AnyClip says it dramatically improves time-on-site.

The LuminousX platform is driven by a patent-pending AI video analysis technology released in March 2018 after years of development by a large team of Israeli software engineers. The technology analyses any video content in real time, produces actionable metadata, and categorises it according to official Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) categories, Brand Safety issues, sentiments, celebrities, and brands.

“Sports fans are passionate media consumers,” said Scott Brewitt, Director of Digital Ad Sales and Operations at NESN. “They source any sports content related to their favourite teams. We want them to find that content while they’re on, the largest Regional Sports Network in the country. While much of our content is World Series Champions Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins related, our goal is to give our audience an exciting, complete and up to-the-minute information source for their favourite local or national sports team. We have been able to take this mission to the next level with AnyClip and their new platform LuminousX. LuminousX allows discovery of related curated video content in ways that surprise our users and encourage longer sessions and higher engagement metrics. LuminousX has opened up new monetisation opportunities for our video content and strengthens connections with our loyal audience base. We are pleased with our AnyClip partnership and their vision for video engagement. We look forward to harnessing LuminousX more as we continue to strategically scale and monetise our content at scale and give our readers more of what they weren’t expecting.”

AnyClip says that LuminousX also drives a dramatic increase in publisher revenue. Clips are monetised through in-stream ads. AnyClip shares contextual intelligence with brands, which are increasingly interested in paying a premium CPM for contextually targeted ad placements. The solution also diversifies publisher revenue by allowing users to click on retail opportunities related to brands and products identified by LuminousX.


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