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InnoGames, Zoomin.TV launch strategic cooperation

December 20, 2018

InnoGames, Germany’s leading developer and publisher of online and mobile games, and Zoomin.TV, Europe’s leading Gen Z content producer and publisher, set the ground for a strategic cooperation with the launch of a video series. The videos will showcase InnoGames’ portfolio with a strong focus on the company’s flagship Forge of Empires and the recently launched Warlords of Aternum. This collaboration sets the ground for upcoming joint projects under the umbrella of MTG.

“The series signals InnoGames’ next step towards enhancing short-form content offered on multi-channel networks and marks another milestone for cooperations within MTG’s gaming vertical. We are proud of working more closely with Zoomin.TV to present our games to their passionate audiences around the world”, comments Christian Pern, CMO InnoGames.

Roger Lodewick, Zoomin.TV CEO continues, “This cooperation is a great example of the new strategy we have been implementing over the last few months. We’re connecting our Gen Z content production skills and our massive online reach with gaming companies targeting a young demographic. We’re thrilled that we can partner up with InnoGames as they are one of the leaders in this field.”

Online gaming is one of Zoomin.TV’s key verticals and Zoomin.TV will work closely with InnoGames to drive high viewerships. The cooperation starts with the production and launch of eight videos, which will be released in December and January on the ZoominGames channels on Facebook and on YouTube. There will be two episodes published per week with an average length of 3-4 minutes, which will be distributed in English, German and Spanish.

The first video “Top 5 Turn-Based Strategy Games for your phone” is available on YouTubeand Facebook. Other videos in this series are “Top 5 Tips to level up quickly in Warlords of Aternum”, “5 favorite ages in Forge of Empires” and “Top 5 Building Strategies for Forge of Empires”.

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