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Russia: FIS Ski World Cup gets 4K treatment

December 20, 2018

Infront and Eurosport will this weekend broadcast the 3TRE FIS World Cup Night Slalom on Eurosport 4K Russia in Ultra HD. It will be the first time a FIS World Cup event will use the technology.

Produced by Infront, in collaboration with Euroscena and DBW Communication, both runs from the race will be available to watch on Eurosport’s 4K channel in Russia. Production will be based on the most-advanced 4K-Ultra HD technology (four times the HD standard) and have a High Frame Rate (50 frames per second).

A total of 17 camera points will line the 470 metre-long Canalone Miramonti race course using a staggering 8km of optical fibres and a team of technicians supporting the new IP technology.

Eurosport 4K Russia was launched earlier this year and is currently available on Tricolor TV and MTS pay-TV offers.

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