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Beeswax SaaS for programmatic TV ads

January 8, 2019

Customisable programmatic buying platform Beeswax now offers marketers and media companies access to the largest connected TV inventory marketplace, integrating partnerships with Tru-Optik, Telaria, and SpotX.

While traditional TV audiences are on the decline, consumers’ time spent watching digital video across connected devices, including mobile, desktop, and TV is on the rise. Beeswax says its partnerships with these key connected TV supply and data partners enable advertisers and media companies to follow suit.

According to Beeswax, media buyers need to overcome the fragmentation of traditional TV ad buying, which can be accomplished by venturing into the more challenging, yet efficient, environment of cross-screen programmatic video. Beeswax’s flat SaaS pricing model means organisations can efficiently and effectively scale their media spend, while reducing the costs associated with expensive, premium inventory. Their marketplace of connected TV inventory is made possible through its integrations with leading supply and data partners, including Tru Optik.

Beeswax notes that one of the biggest challenges that media buyers have found in attempting to do business in connected TV is the lack of consistent and scaled data activation. By partnering with Tru Optik, Beeswax enables large TV networks, CTV publishers, and programmatic platforms, in addition to brands and agencies with deterministic targeting and measurement.

“We are excited to enable our unique datasets and household-level targeting capability within the Beeswax platform, allowing leading media companies and marketers to utilise first- and third-party data within cross-screen video environments,” declared Frans Vermeulen, COO at Tru Optik.

Beeswax also partners with, and has access to, other players across the connected TV marketplace, including Telaria, SpotX, and Tubi.

“At SpotX, we work hard to connect advertisers with high-quality video inventory,” commented Mike Evans, VP, Strategic Accounts at SpotX. “As a leading DSP, Beeswax opens up new opportunities to media buyers, allowing them to programmatically purchase both online video and connected TV inventory via our platform, and we look forward to watching Beeswax’s continued growth and innovation.”

“It’s great to see Beeswax’s strong growth in CTV,” added Adam Lowy, Chief Commercial Officer, Telaria, “They’re an innovative and growing partner for us in bringing differentiated demand to our premium video and CTV publishers.”

“Looking forward to 2019 we expect to continue to see media companies and brands in-house their buying technology and increasingly look for cost-efficient ways to execute buys across every digital video channel,” advised Ari Paparo, CEO of Beeswax. “We’re excited to be at the forefront of offering a platform to support that trend. You can’t look at the downward trend of linear TV viewership and do nothing, you’ve got to reach the next generation of consumers, and cross-device video is the way to do it.”

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