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Portugal, Austria fall in Netflix ISP Speed Index

January 15, 2019

Netflix has released December data from its ISP Speed Index – a monthly update on which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best prime time Netflix streaming experience.

Vodafone Greece saw the biggest speed increase on the index this month. Jumping back from slowing speeds last month, speeds at the ISP increased by 0.44 Megabits per second (Mbps), bringing its average monthly speed to 3.08 Mbps, up from 2.64 Mbps in November.

Other ISPs that saw meaningful speed increases in December included:

  • Spain’s Telefonica-Movistar: Speeds gained by 0.40 Mbps to reach a 3.84 Mbps average (up from 3.44 Mbps last month),
  • Trinidad and Tobago’s Digicel Play: An increase of 0.39 Mbps helped the ISP reach a 3.70 Mbps monthly average (up from 3.31 Mbps last month),
  • Kuwait’s Gulfnet: Speeds climbed to 2.72 Mbps (from 2.40 Mbps in November),
  • Romania’s Vodafone: Speeds lifted to 2.94 Mbps (from 2.62 Mbps the month prior).

There were several call-outs from Asia in December. In Indonesia, GlobalXtreme and Infokom saw positive lifts in their monthly speed averages. GlobalXtreme brought speeds to 2.95 Mbps (from 2.62 Mbps last month) while Infokom’s speeds climbed to a 3.07 Mbps monthly average (from 2.76 Mbps the month prior).

In Taiwan, CNS KBT moved up five spots to No. 1 in Taiwan on the index after speeds increased to a monthly average of 3.65 Mbps, up from 3.35 Mbps in November. Meanwhile, slowing speeds impacted Taiwan Broadband and So-net, with Taiwan Broadband slowing to a 3.32 Mbps average (down from 3.77 Mbps the month prior) and So-net slowing to a 2.85 Mbps average (down from 3.36 Mbps last month).

Major movements in country rankings for December included:

  • New Zealand jumping four spots to 15th (from 19th in November),
  • Austria dropping four spots to 20th (from 14th in November) and
  • Portugal dropping six spots to 34th (from 28th in November).

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