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US survey: Only 12% committed to cable

January 29, 2019

Just 12 per cent of Americans remain committed to their cable service vs cutting the cord according to a survey conducted by consulting firm Waterstone Management Group.

The survey of 5,027 Americans aged 18-69 found that 59 per cent had already cut the cord on cable service, with another 29 per cent currently contemplating doing so. That leaves a “measly” (Waterstone’s term) 12 per cent who planned to stick with their cable packages.

Waterstone points out that comes while Netflix and Amazon combined spent almost $20 billion on content last year. OTT services also now match traditional TV Emmy for Emmy at awards time.

The survey polled respondents from all 50 states, though for seven states there were insufficient responses to be included in the survey. They were Louisiana, Alaska, Montana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

The results include only respondents who either have cable now or once had it. Only 4 per cent selected the option of never having had cable; they were removed from the analysis.

The survey, powered by Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform. Full stats can be viewed here.

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