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Arqiva hybrid TV service for Immediate Media

January 31, 2019

Arqiva, the UK communications and infrastructure media services provider, has announced the launch of a new hybrid TV service on its DTT platform for Immediate Media, the special interest and platform company.

Arqiva has extended the delivery of Immediate’s craft shopping channels Sewing Quarter and Jewellery Maker to its DTT audience via two new IP portals, giving viewers 24-hour access to its content and allowing them to switch seamlessly between the channels through the internet or DTT platform. Both channels were previously broadcast on a part-time only basis.

In order to meet the requirements of 24-hour broadcasting, Arqiva moved the Jewellery Maker channel to its COM7 multiplex. Viewers with connected devices will be able to view Jewellery Maker 24 hours a day via the red button. Meanwhile, Sewing Quarter will continue to be broadcast five hours a day on the COM6 multiplex, but will also be available 24 hours for viewers with internet connected DTT devices via the red button.

Laurie Patten, Director of Strategy and Ventures at Arqiva, said: “Our work with Immediate Media is another example of the strength of the DTT platform, and the ability to bring together the benefits of DTT and IP-delivered services to offer the most seamless and efficient viewing experience. With the continued growth of Freeview Play and other connected DTT devices, broadcasters are becoming more aware of the opportunities that the hybrid DTT platform offers to increase both viewership and viewer engagement. We want to work closely with customers like Immediate Media to help them maximise those opportunities.”

Andrew Gabriel, Group Managing Director, at Immediate Media, said: “As our specialist craft channels Sewing Quarter and Jewellery Maker continue to grow in popularity, we wanted to tap into new audiences and reward our viewers with fast, consistent access to the content they want to watch, whenever they want to watch it. Arqiva is a trusted long-term partner, and we knew we could rely on them to help us develop a service that is reliable, user friendly, and most importantly gives easy access to our content 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.”

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