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Nielsen: OTT gains popularity in Spain

January 31, 2019

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Some 64 per cent of Spaniards aged 16-69 years use an OTT service, according to the report Deporte y OTT en España from Nielsen Sports.

Netflix is the most popular with a share of 29 per cent, followed by Movistar with 22 per cent, Amazon Prime Video with 19 per cent, HBO with 11 per cent, Vodafone with 10 per cent and Orange with 5 per cent.

Sharing accounts is a common practice in the country with 70 per cent of Netflix customers doing so with relatives (56 per cent) and friends (13 per cent), 58 per cent in HBO’s case, 56 per cent in Orange’s, 53 per cent in Vodafone’s and 50 per cent in Movistar’s.

OTT penetration amongst young people reaches 71 per cent. Male represents 65 per cent of all OTT viewers and the most popular content is live football.

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